Quality Management

At East Coast Pipeline we are committed to implementing the intent and following the guidelines of such systems as the Quality Management System Requirements.

Our Quality Goals form the fundamental platform for field operations and our underlying management philosophies. These goals include:

  • Obtain a complete understanding of the client’s requirements and expectations prior to submitting any tender pricing or undertaking of any site work
  • Operate with a completely transparent approach that allows the client full access to the process so that scope changes are readily addressed without compromise to efficiency or quality of services or product.
  • Provide the highest level of product and service quality in the most commercially efficient manner.
  • Integrate safety and environmental policy and procedure as key factors into the quality management system

We have successfully achieved the Quality Goals through the adoption and implementation of the following policies:

  • Dedication, leadership and resource allocation to the successful implementation, accreditation and maintenance of a Quality System
  • Adequately trained personnel and a commitment to on-going training in the area of quality management