East Coast Pipeline (ECP) has over 30 years experience in the construction and installation of high-pressure gas, oil and service pipelines including recent project experience in Polyethylene low pressure gas distribution networks including supporting civil roadwork infrastructure.

East Coast Pipeline are specialists in the pipeline construction and installation industry.

The high standards of Safety, Environmental Care and Quality Workmanship that characterizes all ECP construction operations are achieved through the commitment of its senior management and experienced staff.  This commitment and ongoing pursuit of industry excellence and constant strive to set standards of world’s best practice standards for all aspects of construction operations is a well recognized stamp of ECP projects.  Central to the company's passion and commitment to the industry is membership to the Australian Pipeline Industry Association.  The full advantage of this comprehensive membership network benefits each Client through construction innovation and the experiences of other pipeline owners and installers.

East Coast Pipeline has recently expanded into the Facilities, Electrification and Communication industries to provide a complete package for future clients.