East Coast Pipeline 

When you own something, you look after it. When it comes to the fleet of specialised equipment we use, we own the lot, and therefore meticulously maintain every single piece of it. It's what sets us apart from other construction companies. Our equipment is subject to regular inspections and scheduled maintenance. After all, not only does fully functioning equipment significantly reduce the likelihood of construction schedule overruns and equipment failure, it also enhances workplace safety.

We also lead the way when it comes to the range of installation equipment at our disposal – including our purpose-built Electrical Cable Laying Trailers. It's this diversity of machinery that allows us to develop innovative construction techniques, for both steel and polyethelyne piping systems. For pipe-stringing operations, we use vacuum lift equipment mounted on Hitachi EX200 & EX300 excavators. This technique reduces stringing time and markedly reduces pipe damage. While general construction is undertaken using rubber-tracked Caterpillar Challenger CH85C Pipelayers fitted with side boom attachments. Whatever the task, our equipment is designed to significantly reduce construction time and minimise the environmental impact relating to dust, noise, ground contact pressure and vibration on right-of-way and public roads.

• Pipelayers, padders, bending machines, vacuum lift systems
• Poly welding machines, Fast Fusion machines
• Steel welding machines, tack rigs, clamps
• Chain trenchers
• Graders, excavators from 13t to 30t, dozers, rollers
• Forklifts, franna cranes, loaders
• Backhoes, mulchers, farm tractors
• Prime movers, tow tractors, low loaders, trailers
• Trucks, crane trucks, fuel trucks, service trucks, dump trucks
• 4WD vehicles, buses
• Compressors, generators

Welding machines including:
• Dixon BF225 Butt Welding Machines
• Dixon HF350 Fusionmaster Welding Machines
• Dixon 450mm Butt Fusion Welding Machines
• Dixon HF630 Butt Welding Machines
• Caldervale E/F Welding Machines
• Tracstar 900 Fusion Machines
• McElroy Tracstar 500 Fusion Machines
• McElroy Tracstar 900 Fusion Machines