Quality of installation

Of critical importance in all projects is the quality of the installed product.  East Coast Pipeline take great pride in all aspects of workmanship and project management.  All personnel are committed to and focused on the requirements of the client construction specification. 

East Coast Pipeline rigorously adhere to client specifications and develop project specific Quality Management Plans to ensure the highest standards are achieved for all project deliverables.

All pipeline construction is completed to at least to the requirements of AS-2885 Part I and II for steel pipe and AS/NZS 4130 Polyethylene (PE) Pipe for Pressure Applications.  Specific Client specifications are also acknowledged and incorporated as required.  In recently completed pipeline projects, ECP construction staff has proudly maintained a weld repair rate of less than 1.0% for steel pipe and less than 0.1% for polyethylene pipe.  

This standard typifies the attitude and commitment to installation quality held and practiced by all ECP trade, technical and management personnel.  These standards are achieved through the engagement of skilled trade, technical and management personnel with high levels of experience and supported appropriate supervision and management systems. 

Industry recognition of these high quality standards is demonstrated by continued demand for installation services and high client satisfaction on completion of all projects undertaken.