Workplace Health and Safety is a strategic driver and one of the core business values at East Coast Pipeline.  Our outstanding reputation and proven record in safety management has contributed to our success in the field.

Our goal is simple – to achieve Zero Injury through the pursuit of safety excellence by providing workplaces free from harm, supported by a culture which ensures that the safety of people and protection of the environment is an absolute priority.

We hold the principle that the best solution for the management of Health and Safety is also the best business solution for all stakeholders across East Coast Pipeline.

We make it clear to our leaders and team members that:

  • We don’t compromise safety for production.
  • We don’t cut corners.
  • Every employee is empowered to stop work and take corrective action if they see a safety hazard.
  • Every person gets home safely each and every day.


East Coast Pipeline has always maintained an excellent Health and Safety record. We have developed a comprehensive policy that embraces legislative and duty of care obligations.

We endeavour to constantly review and improve our systems and practices in order to provide a workplace with the highest health and safety standards.

The success of our safety performance is based on following the strategies below:

  • Fostering of a workplace culture that demands a zero tolerance to drug and alcohol use in the work environment;
  • Employment of qualified and experienced construction, supervisory and technical staff;
  • Provision of dedicated site and corporate based health and safety leadership directed by fully qualified and authorised OHS Advisors;
  • Provision of ongoing safety and technical training;
  • Management and staff working co-operatively to develop, refine and improve current systems and procedures;
  • Daily communication and feedback with personnel at the work site to identify, evaluate, and mitigate any hazards and risks.