East Coast Pipeline 

When it's all connected, all done, as our client, you can be assured that your construction project has been completed to the highest standards. We rigorously adhere to your specifications and develop project-specific Quality Management Plans to ensure each project is delivered to a level of workmanship unsurpassed by other construction companies. All construction, including electrical construction, is completed to at least to the requirements of AS-2885 Part I and II for steel pipe and AS/NZS 4130 Polyethylene (PE) Pipe for Pressure Applications. Specific client specifications are also acknowledged and incorporated.

Using data from recently completed projects, the ECP construction team can proudly state a weld repair rate of less than 1.0% for steel pipe and less than 0.1% for polyethylene pipe. This typifies the attitude and commitment to quality by all ECP trade, technical and management personnel – an attitude achieved by ensuring these personnel are highly skilled, have an impressive level of experience and are supported with the appropriate supervision and management systems.

With performances like these, it's no wonder our standards of quality are widely recognised within the construction industry, resulting in continued demand for our installation services and high satisfaction from our valued clients.