Environmental care - We are dedicated to our environmental care policy.  We take care to ensure that we minimise impact during and before installation. Afterwards, we undertake works to restore and improve the installation landscape Quality installation - Our dedication to quality control and management is proven by continued demand for our services from new and existing clients. We take great pride in all aspects of workmanship  for every job. Cutting edge - Our skills, experience, machinery and methods are the foundation of our ability to deliver products and services with advanced technical specifications to meet even the most demanding requirements Precision - Quality, accuracy and precision....Find out why East Coast Pipeline includes these key ingredients in every pipe we lay Capability - We have the experience, machinery, and man power to deliver on any project, big or small.

Your Experts in the Field

East Coast Pipeline is a privately owned Australian pipeline construction company that has been installing pipelines across Australia since 1972.

We are proud of our position as leaders in innovation and performance and in our ability to maintain a high level of standards and policies.

You can rely on East Coast Pipeline to do the job well, within budget and on time.

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Spring Gully NG Project

12” 88 km, X70, Trilaminate, 100% Xray

Origin / Delco    2005

Stringing & Bending, Welding, Tie-Ins, Hire Equipment