East Coast Pipeline 

Here at ECP, it's not about just fitting in. It's about joining a family. As the song goes, 'we are family'. And ours is a mighty damn big one. So there's capability clout when you need it. And a caring side, when that's needed, too. None of what we do would be possible without the dedication, drive and skill of our greatest asset: the ECP people, who give their all, each and every day to ensure outstanding outcomes for our clients. Because we believe, when you connect the right people together, the results speak for themselves.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone working at ECP has the knowledge and training required to perform their role in a safe and proficient manner, and to industry standards. Every worker undergoes an extensive induction process and verification of all competencies before operating in the field. While we strongly encourage our people, at all levels, across the entire ECP company, to always uphold and implement our key workplace beliefs:

• To respect all employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors and to show consideration for individual rights and beliefs.
• To foster good relations between employees and management through open communication at all levels of the company and to treat all    employees equally.
• To establish appropriate objectives and standards for all jobs.
• To provide career guidance and support employee progress.
• To provide training and staff development opportunities, encourage internal promotions and provide continuity of employment where possible.
• To maintain and encourage open and honest lines of communication between all employees. Be prepared to listen to industrial relations issues and take responsible and reasonable approaches.
• To be a caring employer that supports all employees in a practical and reasonable manner.
• To measure our performance on a regular basis as part of our continuous improvement program.