East Coast Pipeline 

Whether it’s in the office or on site, we're always searching for a better, smarter, faster way to do things. In project management terms, ECP utilises the most advanced systems and tools such as Primavera, Survey Team, and Expert to measure, report and forecast project progress. This allows us to better manage our clients' project milestones and cash flows.

While on site, innovations such as ECP's very own Smart Form, allow QA data to be captured and sent to the relevant departments in real time, allowing for faster reporting. Plus, we also recently designed and implemented a unique Traffic Management system to improve safety and process. Great thinking.

Smart implementing. It’s what makes the people and processes at ECP a cut above. To do this, we believe it's important to connect with our clients as early as possible. From strategy to planning to execution, we'll always work with you to ensure a strong platform for project success.